Can You Guess Where We Went?


Surprise. Surprise. Right? I know we are just too predictable.

But we did have a reason to go besides escaping these out of the blue snow flurries and cold weather.

A super quick trip to be apart of a friends retirement ceremony. We left Thursday afternoon and thanks to layovers got in at 930 at night. And back on the plane early Monday morning. Even though it was short I’m so glad we got to take a mini vacay and visit at my favorite place! The Sunshine State.

The sister and brother-in-law picked us up at the airport and spent the weekend with us in Coco Beach. Spent a day and a half there for the ceremony and enjoyed a bonfire on the beach. A bit chilly for beach weather but it was still beautiful and fun.

Can we just talk about the sunsets for a minute!?!

Then we headed to my hometown about 3-4 hours away. It worked out perfect that Orlando was on our way, so we stopped to break up the drive and get some fun in since this is vacation after all! We ended up at Top Golf. (If you haven’t gone you should check it out. We always have a blast). We only payed for an hour so back on the road. Which was fine because we wanted to make it back in time for dinner, mom’s favorite corn beef and cabbage for St. Patty’s Day. (My first time having it, didn’t care for the corn beef but enjoyed the cabbage and red potatoes).

One thing I love about car rides with the sis and brother-in-law is the car concerts. With four people’s different music tastes we didn’t have trouble finding songs to put on for the long drive. (Sister and I went more for the throwbacks anyways!)

Picture taken off google images

My one most do on this mini vacay was to go to the beach because vacay and Florida. Sunday we opted for the beach which was really fun because they had an aquatic course in the water (pictured above)! It had different kinds of floats connected some you had to jump over, climb over, jump off of, etc. Reluctantly got in the water because it was so cold and learned that I am not good at balance or walking for the matter on slippery floaties.

I was the only one in our group having so much trouble. After the 2nd and 3rd attempt at an obstacle I gave up and jumped in the cold water and swam to the next obstacle. You have a 45 minute time period to enjoy the obstacle, plenty of time for us because it was exhausting. Or maybe just for me from having to keep climbing back on after falling off so many times.

All in all a great mini vacay. Didn’t forget about classes too much, as studying kept me busy on our layover and on the plane.

Any vacations planned? Let me know where!


2 thoughts on “Can You Guess Where We Went?

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  1. I too had a mini vacation not too long ago, but I stayed where the snow was. I went snowboarding a few times and stayed at a pretty cool resort. I’m working up a post about it. 🙂

    This weekend, I’m heading up to my parents to celebrate my and my mom’s birthdays. Can’t wait!!

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    1. That sounds like a fun vacation! My husbands been wanting to take me snowboarding to see how my snow legs are haha. Glad you had a good time.
      Have a great weekend together! And happy birthday!


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