Headed Somewhere New: Weekend Getaway

It was time for another weekend getaway. This time not to Florida or Tennessee….but to Mississippi. A new place I get to put on the list of places I’ve been. We stayed right on the water, my favorite place to be.


It was a perfect, relaxing weekend. Just me and Hubs and sharing this time together.

Friday morning I left Virginia and headed to my first layover, Atlanta. Had a nice two hour layover, so no rushing, had plenty of time to walk around to stretch my legs, and grab some lunch and another coffee. I was totally fine with a longer layover because I did not have to worry about making it to my connecting flight and all the way to another terminal. I was able to take my time and just relax. On both flights I even managed to get window seats which is my favorite spot to be.

My outfit was very casual and comfy. For sitting so long and being in tight spaces I didn’t want to wear anything to bulky or heavy, or too tight and fitting. So we ended up with a sweater and shoes that were easy enough to slip on and off for security.

When I arrived in Mississippi it was sunny and 70 degrees. Which Hubs said it has been very foggy the whole time he has been there. So I like to think I brought the sunshine with me, hahah. We checked into our hotel, changed into warmer clothes and headed down to the beach.   We were down by the water until the sunset when it stared getting a little cooler. We headed to Sal & Mookies a pizza and ice cream restaurant. They only served 14″ or 18″ pies so Hubs and I shared a half pineapple, half bbq & sausage pizza. There was a lot of haters eyeing my pineapple pizza. But they are all just wrong so bring on the hate. While waiting on our pizza Hubs ordered a Not Your Father’s Rootbeer Rootbeer float to enjoy. Stuffed bellies and tired from traveling we headed back to the hotel.

Saturday we woke up to yet another gorgeous day. We let ourselves have a slow morning lounging around in bed before finally getting up for the day. We grabbed a coffee at Jacked Up Coffee. A cute little shop that was half cafe, half bookstore. Two of my favorite things! We were also informed decaf was not served there. I guess to them decaf is a crime, sorry Hubs.

With coffee in hand we headed back down to the beach to walk the boardwalk. The water was calm. Although the water was too chilly for me to jump in for a swim there was plenty of kids splashing around. We then met another couple that Hubs knew to play some mini golf. The first 9 holes was just a warm up, the last 9 I started to catch up and beat the Mr. Then we let our inner child come out and headed to the movies to watch How To Train Your Dragon III. What a cute movie and had us laughing. We were not the only adults in there either, so that was refreshing.

Later that evening we went to enjoy ice cream at Sal & Mookies since we were too full to get any the night before. I wanted to share the banana split, but they ran out of bananas. It must be a town favorite. So I ordered the chocolate overload, which was chocolate ice cream on top of a chocolate brownie, topped with chocolate chips and whipped cream. And because I think an ice cream is never complete until you add sprinkles, I requested some on top. Hubs said he wasn’t hungry for ice cream. Well, who do you think ended up eating half of my dessert when it came out??? I love him so I allowed it.

Sunday called for relaxing and not doing much because I had to get ready to head back to VA. What a wonderful weekend. Glad I got to add Mississippi to the list!


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