Headed Somewhere New: Weekend Getaway

It was time for another weekend getaway. This time not to Florida or Tennessee....but to Mississippi. A new place I get to put on the list of places I've been. We stayed right on the water, my favorite place to be. It was a perfect, relaxing weekend. Just me and Hubs and sharing this time... Continue Reading →

Happy Valentine’s Day

I love Valentine's Day. But of course right? I am a hopeless romantic. I love celebrating love. I love my marriage. So, loving this holiday is nothing new. And I am just a tad bit sad Hubbs is out of town for this holiday. But anyways... We are the cheesiest couple, I know eye roll.... Continue Reading →

Being Social with Fitness

It's only Tuesday and I've already done two new things in my fitness routine. Last night (Monday night) I wanted to get some cardio in after maxing out my deadlift. Remembering our local running store does a 3 mile run around the city and ending at Whole Foods for some beer afterwards. We had just... Continue Reading →

Friday Favorites // 8.31.18

Friday already! This week was a busy one! Road trips, beach houses, and coffee always. I caved! With all this fall talk I can't help but get a little more excited for pumpkins and hoodies. Thanks Pinterest for having this pop up on my feed! The colors are perfect and sure does look cozy and... Continue Reading →

All things Fall

To welcome in November here is a list of some fall goodies.   For the cold evenings I whipped up a batch of chili and cornbread. I was hoping for leftovers but that just wasn't going to happen! Chili recipe is from Cooking Classy.  Another fall favorite I love to enjoy is our homemade pumpkin... Continue Reading →

Don’t cry over spilt coffee

Don't cry over spilt coffee. Yesterday I had taken a sleep study which meant limited coffee and an early morning today. Which meant I was really looking forward to my morning cup of coffee. A quick breakfast and I was out the door. Hands full with the equipment I had to return for the sleep... Continue Reading →

Monday Night Yoga Class

Monday night yoga class Tonight we had more of a private lesson since it was just the husband and I. (This lovely Virginia rain and cold keeping everyone inside wrapped in cozy blankets, I can only assume). Laughs, falls, learning, and landings all took place tonight. We started with our normal flow but with it... Continue Reading →

Our Love Language

I recently just read the book the Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman. A read that opened my eyes to my husband, my marriage, and myself. Let me explain. There are five love languages, Acts of service, Words of affirmation, Quality time, Receiving gifts, & Physical touch.   One which is your primary love language.... Continue Reading →

Ah, Coffee

Back at my favorite coffee shop! Having lunch with a friend and working on our writing projects. Me my blog, him his book. I did mention it was lunch time, and knowing I would (obviously) be enjoying my mocha coffee when we got here I still had my morning cup of coffee. I had to!... Continue Reading →

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