Headed Somewhere New: Weekend Getaway

It was time for another weekend getaway. This time not to Florida or Tennessee....but to Mississippi. A new place I get to put on the list of places I've been. We stayed right on the water, my favorite place to be. It was a perfect, relaxing weekend. Just me and Hubs and sharing this time... Continue Reading →

Training on Vacation

Do you workout on vacation or use vacation as a break from working out? As someone who has programmed for themselves and someone who has hired a coach to program for me, I have done both. There has been some vacations where I only get 1, maybe 2 workouts in. Then there is my most... Continue Reading →

I am Home

Another wedding brought us home. Thankful for all these special occasions in the past year that made us stop, spend time with special people in our lives, and enjoy the place that raised us. Our trip started with getting in at 6 am. A whole night of driving, long talks, solo concerts, and audio books.... Continue Reading →

Soaking up Summer

I have had quite the eventful summer. Visiting NY for my cousins wedding and road tripping straight to TN. Turning 22 with my sista! Getting in all the much need beach hangs. But my favorite so far is a spontaneous trip to NC with my hubby and best friends. One of my coworkers/ friend's family... Continue Reading →

Can You Guess Where We Went?

Florida! Surprise. Surprise. Right? I know we are just too predictable. But we did have a reason to go besides escaping these out of the blue snow flurries and cold weather. A super quick trip to be apart of a friends retirement ceremony. We left Thursday afternoon and thanks to layovers got in at 930... Continue Reading →

I didn’t workout

I didn’t workout As if I haven’t talked about it enough I was home on vacation for two weeks in Florida. With all of the intentions to workout. I even planned ahead and brought multiple gym outfits, running shoes, shaker bottles and all my supplements (protein, bcaa’s, and glutamine). I even brought my resistance bands... Continue Reading →

Sister’s Wedding Day

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! We just got in late last night from our trip back home. Feeling all the feels on the drive up. Excited to get back into my normal routine but already missing the family and being in relaxation mode without worrying about the responsibilities of every day life. But... Continue Reading →

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