Curious about Cupping

Hubby and I had the day off together so we spent it doing all the things adulting requires. Some fun like getting some stuff for our Florida trip but others like doctors appointments and bank appointments.

Since we were already out together I figured I would accompany hubby to his PT appointment. Mostly because he is being treated with the cupping method and I wanted to see what that was all about.

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I was mindlessly scrolling through Instagram a couple weeks back on the discover page and seen a quick clip for cupping. So when I heard he got it done at his last session I was curious since the video I seen was with the glass bulbs, which looked painful and very bloody. He assured me it wasn’t so I thought I would check it out for myself.

After some stretches and mobility work for his back she started to do the cupping treatment. All she used was two silicone cups to suction the skin. One for each side of the spine. Once she grabbed the skin by suctioning it she would leave it in one spot then move it up and down his lower back (lotion applied beforehand so it can glide across the skin easily). No pain. Pretty quick process. And definitely no blood. I guess there is different methods you can use for different techniques.

So what is cupping?

It is a form of alternative medicine using suction to help with pain, relaxation, blood flow, and inflammation.

The treatment hubby got seems to be the less evasive method.


What are the different methods?

During cupping a flammable substance is normally put in the cup, set on fire, and once the fire goes out it is placed on your skin in order to create the suction. A pump can be used instead of fire. There is also wet cupping where after the cups have been removed the therapist makes tiny cuts where the cups were. Then will place the cups back on the body to draw out some blood.

Hubby has seen improvements with his back pain. This is a short term fix however so he will still need to continue his required stretching and exercises to get the most out of his appointments.

Have you heard of cupping or have you experienced it yourself? What are you thoughts on it?  




*Should be done by a certified professional.

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