I am Home

Another wedding brought us home. Thankful for all these special occasions in the past year that made us stop, spend time with special people in our lives, and enjoy the place that raised us. Our trip started with getting in at 6 am. A whole night of driving, long talks, solo concerts, and audio books.... Continue Reading →

Can You Guess Where We Went?

Florida! Surprise. Surprise. Right? I know we are just too predictable. But we did have a reason to go besides escaping these out of the blue snow flurries and cold weather. A super quick trip to be apart of a friends retirement ceremony. We left Thursday afternoon and thanks to layovers got in at 930... Continue Reading →

Hills and 85 degrees summer heat

Hills and 85 degrees summer heat.  Spent today going down to the beach, splashing in the waves, enjoying a nice ice cream cone, working on my tan... Ahh summer days... That's what I was imagining anyways on our run today in this summer heat. Hubby wanted to go get in a run with some hill... Continue Reading →

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