What’s next???

I am behind and undecided!

I have one day left of my current workout program and I don’t know what direction to go next. Hence, why I am behind.

Currently I have been doing Ashley Horner’s Valor program. I want to stick with another program of sorts because I workout by myself and following a program is kind of like my accountability partner. This program was circuit based, having 3-5 circuits to do within the workout.

Here is my dilemma. Do I want to continue a circuit based workout or go back to body building?…my first love and what I haven’t touched in a year.

I know what serious problems to be having.

I liked the intensity with the circuit training and how it incorporated movements I normally don’t do, or at least the high amount of volume.

Body building I can get my strength up by not having to worry about such high volume (50 lunges with 30 dead lifts for example). The body building program I am looking into is Kris Gethin’s hardcore trainer. I’ve done one of his programs before with hubby when I first got into lifting and enjoyed it. Downfall is cardio twice a day on top of the lifting session. But classes get out in a month and I’ll have a bit more time on my hands to make it work.

I think we should change up our fitness regime to keep challenging ourselves.

Who knows maybe do bodybuilding then go back to Ashley’s program to surprise my body.

The most important thing is to do what you are passionate about. You don’t want to sign yourself up for something and it becomes a chore and the last thing you want to be doing everyday or at least the majority of the week.

So check back next week to see what I decide my next workout will be!

What type of training are you doing? Share in the comments.


***I am not sponsored to give my opinion on either program or to use either program.




2 thoughts on “What’s next???

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  1. I think it is a good idea to change your workout. That way your body and you do not get bored. Go for the body building then back to the circuit training. Just my opinion. The main thing is you keep up the exercise and your body will love you in your old age. Lol 😂


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