Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I have a grateful heart on this Valentine’s day. Don’t get me wrong though I always try to show my appreciation for the ones I love every day but today is the day for love and putting smiles on others faces.

I came home from class and sitting on the coffee table thoughtful gifts from hubby and roommates…aka best friend.

So here’s a post for all the loves in my life


My valentine for the last five years! The one who keeps me laughing. My occasional workout partner. My 100 “I love you’s” we share a day. My cuddle bug. And my world.


Well just look at that face. And she’s a great cuddle bug.


Florida will always have my heart. Warm weather. Beach days. And my hometown.


They make the days brighter. Always enjoy when I get to hang out with some good company!


Family is everything and I’m always counting down to when I get to see them again!


I don’t think this one needs an explanation!

Working out

One of my favorite pass times. Working out. I love to push myself and afterwards I always feel so good….sore…but good!

I think this is a good stopping point. There’s just so much to love and be grateful for.

Share your loves in the comments!

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