Let’s Talk Numbers

I have started another program, Ashley Horner’s Valor 8-week program. I find I benefit more doing a program then going into the gym doing my own thing. It forces me to do workouts and movements that I am not comfortable with, don’t like doing, or avoid all together. It also gets me to change up my routine.

I am currently a week and a half in and I have a love/hate relationship for it. Already seeing results but these workouts are humbling. Oh my! First off the workouts are completely backwards from how I do my training. I do my strength at the beginning not towards the end of the workout. I like keeping my reps at 8-10, the program leans more towards 15-20. And I have never super-setted sprints with back squats. But I actually like the sprints paired within the workout.

Ashley Horner, you sure know how to put together workouts.

On the last day of week 1 it was max out day. Some of the numbers I was actually proud of, some I was surprised. I havn’t done sit ups and push ups in a while so I guess it is to be expected.

Pull-ups 9

Deadlift 195 lbs (Post PT PR)

Back squat 185 lbs

1 mile run 7:54

1000 meter row 4:42

pushups unbroken 15

Sit-ups (2 mins) 48

It’s good to see where you are at so you can use those numbers to lift percentages during your workouts and see how you are improving over time. Plus it is a way to keep yourself accountable. So I am using this post to keep myself accountable to push myself, stick with the program, and use these numbers as a benchmark.

Thanks for checking in,



**I am not being sponsored for this post. This just happened to be the next program I challenged myself with and wanted to share with you

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