Crossfit Competition Recap

This post is a little delayed, but on purpose. I was trying to wait a little bit to see if the competition photos had been posted. That has not happened so I will just continue with the recap of the competition and if/when photos come out will be posting them in a later post! For now here are pics I got on my phone by taking screenshots from the videos I got. **Pictures that are not mine are the one stating the workout, those came from Grit Fitness Festival’s Instagram.

The day of the competition was very exciting. We got there early to sign the waivers, check in, and set up our little spot with lawn chairs and gym bags. By 8 am we were ready for the workout briefing, to demonstrate each workout and answer any questions we may have. After going over all 4 workouts it was already time for us to hit the warm up area and get ready for our first workout which was the clean ladder.

With an 8 minute time cap we had to clean the weight twice, move the barbell to the next weight station and add on the next weight. I only finished the 95 lb set, not getting the 115lbs. I didn’t want to spend too much time on attempts  to clean the bar that way the other two girls could still finish and make it to the end weight. Theresa made it to 145, and Nicole finished the 165 with seconds to spare!

We had two hours until our second workout. By this time the last thing I ate was breakfast at 6 and had been sipping on my coffee. So we ate a little snack, I choose a PB&J and regretted it later. We watched the men teams go next and then the elite finish their last workout that didn’t get to go on Saturday.

One thing about competitions are the motivating factor they give you! The elite were male/female teams. Watching them gave me more of a drive to better myself to maybe compete with the hubby. They were doing handstand walks and handstand push-ups which were pretty impressive.

Before we knew it our heat was being called to the warm up area. This workout was the synchronized workout. Kellie and are were partner 1 & 2 so we went first and then Theresa and Nichole were partner 3 & 4 doing the second part of the workout! The four and a half minutes it took us I couldn’t tell you if it felt like two or ten. I was just glad it was over. On the last round my legs were shaking. We made it well under the time mark. Finishing in minute 10.


{our rower even has our team name on it}

A quick break and we were off to do our floater workout. Which was a 1,000 meter row broken up between the four of us, each having to complete 500 meters. The setup was neat. They connected each rower to the t.v. where each rower was displayed by the teams name (Barbell Bombshells) and a boat. As you rowed your boat moved so you were racing your little boat with the other teams. Transitioning was a little awkward and slow between each teammate on the rower which is where I think we lost most of our time. But it’s okay because it was after all our first competition so we have to learn some time.

We had an hour break before our last workout. The one I think we were all most nervous for. It was the chipper and 20 minutes long. The rules for this one were, two people have to be carrying the odd object, a 135 lb long sandbag! While one teammate works and the other is on the start mat to switch out. We found we could do step-ups instead of box jumps so we did that to move quicker and save our legs for the wall balls and assault bike. I think it was a great strategy, which other teams used as well.

I was excited for the wall balls because I felt most confident with those in practice, even using the 10 foot target. But at competition it was a small target attached to the pull-up bars and much harder to hit. Especially since if you didn’t hit the exact middle they were not counting the rep. So after getting no repped a few times I switched with a teammate so I wasn’t just wasting time since it was an AMRAP. We ended up only making it through half the workout, surprising us since we made it a whole round in practice. But we were not the only ones having some difficulty. Other teams made it to around the same point we did, only a couple making it to the end of the first round.

(A view of what the targets looked like for wall ball shots)

Out of 15 other woman scaled teams we made it in the second half of the score bored. But I cannot say that I was mad or disappointed. This was my first competition along with another teammates’. I enjoyed the experience, learned what I need to work on, and what to expect if I chose to do another one.

Have you competed before in CrossFit? Or any other fitness competition? Share in the comments!



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