Let’s Talk Numbers

I have started another program, Ashley Horner's Valor 8-week program. I find I benefit more doing a program then going into the gym doing my own thing. It forces me to do workouts and movements that I am not comfortable with, don't like doing, or avoid all together. It also gets me to change up... Continue Reading →

Training Update

For the last four weeks I have been following a training program and today being the start of phase 2. Here is a recap of my phase one progress and how I have been moving forward from the set back of my  back pain. The training program I am following is Strength System for the... Continue Reading →

Circuit Training

How often do you change up your workout routine? I normally stick to body building and stick with running or the stair mil for cardio. But Wednesday night I decided to join in my husband's workout which was a circuit style training. It was great to workout with hubby. We normally don't workout together anymore... Continue Reading →

Leg day workout with bands

Happy Saturday! I’ve been adding in some new movements to my workouts, more specifically my leg workouts. I have been incorporating band work. I love adding this new technique into my workouts because I can feel the difference it has with activating my glutes, quads, and hamstrings. I am not ditching the weights for the... Continue Reading →

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