Happy Valentine’s Day

I love Valentine's Day. But of course right? I am a hopeless romantic. I love celebrating love. I love my marriage. So, loving this holiday is nothing new. And I am just a tad bit sad Hubbs is out of town for this holiday. But anyways... We are the cheesiest couple, I know eye roll.... Continue Reading →

Better Together, Four Year Anniversary

Anyone who knows me know the things that make my world go round are: Kiki (my mini dachshund), coffee, Florida, and my Hubs. Yes I am a romantic. And will make him watch The Notebook a hundred times while curled up on the couch together.(Shh he secretly loves Ryan Gosling but don't tell him I... Continue Reading →

The way she looks at him

"I want that 'have you seen the way he looks at her 'kind of love"This has to be one of my favorite compliments. Guys would come up to Austin that we always see around in the gym and get that gym friendship with, and be like 'I want a girl that looks at me the... Continue Reading →

I’m feeling 22!

It's a couple days late but none the less I turned 22.... or shall I say we turned 22! To top it all off I got to spend it with my twin sister. With her being several states away we don't always get to share our day together. But this year it worked out perfect... Continue Reading →

Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine's Day! I have a grateful heart on this Valentine's day. Don't get me wrong though I always try to show my appreciation for the ones I love every day but today is the day for love and putting smiles on others faces. I came home from class and sitting on the coffee table... Continue Reading →

Do More of What You Love

It is important to find time to do the things you love to keep your days balanced of work and fun. Some of my favorites are: Going on a morning or evening walk with the hubby. It gives us time to unwind and talk about our day and future plans. Overall just getting up doing something... Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! I hope everyone has a wonderful day with families and friends. "Santa came!" I whispered to my husband to get him motivated out of bed. We had a skype date with the family so we can all open presents together and we could not be late! Homemade banana nut bread was made last... Continue Reading →

“I love you more”

Tomorrow (December 20th) will my husband and I's two year anniversary. It's crazy to think we have been together for four years and married for two already. He is my happy. He is my home. Marriage. You get to see your partner when they are mad, frustrated, cranky, even hangry. But what is beautiful about... Continue Reading →

Our Love Language

I recently just read the book the Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman. A read that opened my eyes to my husband, my marriage, and myself. Let me explain. There are five love languages, Acts of service, Words of affirmation, Quality time, Receiving gifts, & Physical touch.   One which is your primary love language.... Continue Reading →

Pumpkin Picking

Being born and raised in Florida you get used to having summer pretty much all year round. Now that I am in Virginia I am taking full advantage of the change in seasons. Feeling in awe over the changing leaves, going to apple orchards and pumpkin patches, visiting tree farms when December rolls around, and... Continue Reading →

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