Training program update

My training program (the portion I was joining my husband for) has finished.

Having such a regimented schedule helped me stay accountable on the days I was too sore, too tired, or unmotivated to get it done. This program challenged me as I have stated before. The results show what one is capable of when challenged, when they have the drive, and how important consistency is, consistency for staying with it.

My results are as followed:

test one

1.5 mile run:12:29 minutes; pull-ups 5; sit ups 35; push-ups 19

test two

1.5 mile run:11:58; pull-ups 9; sit ups 48 push ups 38

test three

1.5 mile run 12:23; pull ups 9; sit ups 54;  push ups 21

test four

1.5 mile run 11:27; pull ups 11; sit ups 59; push ups 42

*test three I went in with a horrible mind set and attitude and the results showed*

As I go back into body building, my passion, I plan on keeping up with the intense amount of cardio and calisthenics to keep progressing forward.




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