Thanksgiving Day

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

My skepticism was for no reason because we had a wonderful day and dinner was a success! So much so no one could eat the desserts before heading home for the night.

I started the morning early too anxious for the day to start to stay in bed any longer. Christmas music playing as I started the preparations to cook. Stuffing had to be made and sweet potatoes had to be cut. Thankfully I made my homemade pumpkin bread the night before.

We packed up the car with our fur baby and all our food we oversaw and headed to our friend’s house. A 20 lb bird was waiting for my husband to be cleaned and lifted into the pan.

photo-nov-24-4-20-21-pmThis was our first Thanksgiving to cook and co-host. With great team work we pulled it off. My friend and I oversaw basting the chicken and making all the sides. Austin was in charge of helping with the turkey and carving the meats. Friends showed up late that afternoon, aromas filled the house, making them eager to eat. We managed to get everything done on time and the food finishing all at the same time.

We might have cooked too much food but isn’t that the point to have Thanksgiving dinner leftovers? The cooks felt proud when everyone was calling out who got to keep what leftovers. Sigh of relief that I managed to make my mother’s family recipes a hit.

In between fighting over leftovers, they were fighting over the score of the game, Dallas vs. the Redskins. The house was divided.

photo-nov-24-11-55-00-amThe game was over and we still had five different pies to eat and my homemade pumpkin bread. The guys all left, leaving the original crew there to finish it off. We took some sample bites but we were done for, getting those sleepy feels from being overly full. Even the pups were sleepy after a long day of play.

I’m so thankful my Virginia friends made this holiday so welcoming and full of laughs. I couldn’t have asked for better people to spend the day with and prepare our first Thanksgiving dinner.  Even got to face-time with the family back home and share in the holiday fun.


What are you thankful for? What was your favorite part from Thanksgiving?


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