Being Social with Fitness

It's only Tuesday and I've already done two new things in my fitness routine. Last night (Monday night) I wanted to get some cardio in after maxing out my deadlift. Remembering our local running store does a 3 mile run around the city and ending at Whole Foods for some beer afterwards. We had just... Continue Reading →

Do More of What You Love

It is important to find time to do the things you love to keep your days balanced of work and fun. Some of my favorites are: Going on a morning or evening walk with the hubby. It gives us time to unwind and talk about our day and future plans. Overall just getting up doing something... Continue Reading →

Hills and 85 degrees summer heat

Hills and 85 degrees summer heat.  Spent today going down to the beach, splashing in the waves, enjoying a nice ice cream cone, working on my tan... Ahh summer days... That's what I was imagining anyways on our run today in this summer heat. Hubby wanted to go get in a run with some hill... Continue Reading →

Training program update

My training program (the portion I was joining my husband for) has finished. Having such a regimented schedule helped me stay accountable on the days I was too sore, too tired, or unmotivated to get it done. This program challenged me as I have stated before. The results show what one is capable of when... Continue Reading →

The make or break point

I hit a wall today. The make or break point in my workout. This training program is broken up every two weeks. We take the past then that week is ‘easy’, followed by a much harder week where percentages and times go way up. That week is complete and then we take the past again... Continue Reading →

Barefoot Runs

My running shoes have seen better days. Although they aren’t all that bad, the bottoms are ripped apart and I’m starting to get shin splints and tightness in my Achilles. These shoes have powered me through many runs and took me many miles.   On one of my 800-meter sprint days this week I skipped... Continue Reading →

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