Homesick for the holidays

The holidays are just around the corner. This time of year normally makes me homesick. Homesick for the traditions I grew up with, this time with family.

Thanksgiving my mom would be the first one up starting to get everything ready to prepare for all the food. The rest of us would be opening our eyes soon. The seasonings filling the house. The cheer from NYC as the Macy’s Day Parade starts…as we sit in warm Florida watching it on our television.

Being Thanksgiving I believe it’s acceptable to start the Christmas music. I’d make my family listen to all the Christmas carols because how can you have a bad time listening to Christmas music?!?

We’d enjoy lots of turkey, homemade stuffing, the sweetest sweet potatoes covered in maple syrup….the list of food on the table never ending.

As we are digesting the copious amount of food we start to set up the Christmas tree. Boxes of ornaments scatter the living room as we reminisce on all the pieces we have collected throughout the years. The ones made of popsicle sticks and puzzle pieces from grade school, the ones of our school pictures, our hobbies and favorite teams covering the tree.

After the fun of putting up the Christmas tree comes all the desserts. The pumpkin bread and pumpkin pie, the chocolate pie, cheesecake, and our aunt’s famous holiday cookies that everyone fights over.

From now until Christmas we watch our favorite Christmas movies, Elf, the Santa Clause, It’s a Wonderful Life, the Polar Express, the Grinch…I can’t help but smile just thinking about them. We’d all gather on the couch, hot coco in hand and watch these movies for the hundredth time over.

Christmas arrives. The presents are under the tree. The late breakfast and staying in our Christmas Pjs.

The fun of the holidays. The smiles on everyone’s faces.

It’s been a little different now through the holidays without my family. Now it’s time to start new traditions with my husband. Hopefully this year we will be with others, last year we were by ourselves. Regardless I can’t wait to start all the Christmas music and movies and see what we will do this year. Last year we made gingerbread houses! (Yes I am a kid when it comes to the holidays).

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season!


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