Update: Dry Needling

I’ve had two dry needling sessions already. What an experience it is. It’s sensational, it’s painful, but I’ll keep going back for more.

Sharp, aching, and twitching are what I felt during the procedure. My first session, only my lower lumbar and glute (right for both) was needled. There was only a very subtle response to the needling, barely a twitch. For my second session, my lower lumbar, my glute, and my tensor fasciae latae (TFL) (right side) was needled. What a difference this second session was! My leg was jumping and kicking off the bed.

At the first dry needling appointment, my therapist said my back felt like tennis balls. Sigh, I am always tight, tense, and stiff. The next day I went for a quick run and I noticed a big difference between my right and left side. Since only my right side is getting treatment, I felt lose and relaxed on the treated side during my run.

The second time around since my lumbar and glute have been introduced to needling already, it was not as sore the next time. However, I limped out of physical therapy, my TFL angry and sore. The soreness only lasting that day.

I am aware dry needling is a short-term fix and release from discomfort. With continuing my physical therapy stretches and treatment I am excited to get back to a more normal gym routine.


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