Training on Vacation

Do you workout on vacation or use vacation as a break from working out? As someone who has programmed for themselves and someone who has hired a coach to program for me, I have done both. There has been some vacations where I only get 1, maybe 2 workouts in. Then there is my most... Continue Reading →

Progress report 10/1-10/7

We've hit another milestone in my strength program because I hit another max out week. What I've realized is during this week I get in my head a lot. For example 120 lbs felt heavy on my bench and then this week I loaded the bar with 125 lbs and got that for two. (Also,... Continue Reading →

Sweating it out

SWEATING IT OUT: BUILDING A PROGRAM TO FIT MY GOALS Trying something different with my workout routine. And that is building my own program with hubby since he is the master mind of all the ins and outs of fitness and lifting. Since I do better on programs to hold me accountable I am sticking... Continue Reading →

Have fun with Cardio

I know I have said this before, but lifting > cardio. But that doesn't mean I can't have fun with my cardio sessions! I have been spot on getting my cardio in after my lifts and honestly I feel overall complete when I leave the gym. Muscles are fatigued and endurance is getting better. So what... Continue Reading →

What did I choose?

If this isn't long over due! I'm sorry readers. Let's just say we have one week until finals so it's been a little crazy around here. But it's okay. We are fine. (Ha ha ha) Back to business.... What's next? *keeping a workout journal of this program. Sitting in my car between classes righting it... Continue Reading →

What’s next???

I am behind and undecided! I have one day left of my current workout program and I don't know what direction to go next. Hence, why I am behind. Currently I have been doing Ashley Horner's Valor program. I want to stick with another program of sorts because I workout by myself and following a... Continue Reading →

Crossfit Competition Recap

This post is a little delayed, but on purpose. I was trying to wait a little bit to see if the competition photos had been posted. That has not happened so I will just continue with the recap of the competition and if/when photos come out will be posting them in a later post! For... Continue Reading →

Leg and Arm Workout

Headphones in. World off. Put these muscle groups together for a great workout. Deadlift 5x8-10 leg extension 5x10 100 lbs machine leg press 4x12 170 lbs leg curl 4x8-10 100 lbs cable pull-through 4x8 30lbs dumbbell curls 5x8 25 lbs dumbbell triceps extension 4x12 30 lbs dips 3x8 cable curl 4x10 60 lbs First time... Continue Reading →

Update: Dry Needling

I’ve had two dry needling sessions already. What an experience it is. It’s sensational, it’s painful, but I’ll keep going back for more. Sharp, aching, and twitching are what I felt during the procedure. My first session, only my lower lumbar and glute (right for both) was needled. There was only a very subtle response... Continue Reading →

Back, Bicep, & Tricep Workout

This week's back and arm workout was a fun one! Grab your workout partner and give this one a try. Throwing in super sets and giant sets is a sure way to keep your heart rate up and the sweat dripping. Back, Bicep, and Tricep workout: Lat pull down 4x10 one arm assisted pull up... Continue Reading →

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