Food for Thought

As an athlete, a competitor, an amateur body builder what is the one detail that is stressed to be healthy and ready for such endeavors? Protein. Meal prepping chicken. Serving up a delicious piece of salmon. Or enjoying a bacon cheeseburger because “cheat meal”.

I’m all about downing my protein shake right after my workout to reap the benefits. However, I am not eating my body weight in protein.

I bring up my consumption of protein because I just watched a documentary called Fork Over Knives. An interesting episode how we need to stop eating meat products and have a whole food plant based diet. No chicken and broccoli to meal prep! What!

This is an interesting, controversial topic that I wanted to share here. I am not a vegetarian or vegan I still eat chicken and beef. And maybe it is making me question my own diet.

The documentary showed case after case how the consumption of animal product, fish, egg, milk, etc. is harming our bodies and is the cause of many of our illnesses. Patients diagnosed with diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, and different cancers could reverse their disease/illness by switching to a plant based diet. A 70-year-old marathon/triathlete cancer survivor rid herself of her illness by changing her diet. People taking up this lifestyle could stop taking their medication, sleep better, and had more energy throughout the day.

I bring this up because don’t we all want to be healthy and live a life that pushes us towards life instead of closer to death.

If I don’t eat chicken, pork, and eggs how will I be able to maintain my activity level?

The documentary showed an Olympian, a marathoner, a whole firehouse reaping the benefits of this lifestyle.

Are my husband and I going to throw away all our eggs, pork, chicken, and yogurt because we watched this documentary? No. But it was an eye opener to what we are putting into our bodies and how we are making ourselves sick. Would I like to slowly incorporate what I learned into my life? I am not opposed to the idea.

I encourage you to watch this documentary just to have a different perspective on the health industry and what we are consuming. I am not saying that if you do decide to watch this documentary to throw your current diet out the window and start fresh because like I just said I am not even going to do that. I am not a nutritionist or a dietician just an individual who wants to live a healthy life.

I am not going to sit here either and say they are a 100% right because there are some logistics that were not stated like fish, where is this in the diet. And the reduction of fat in the diet that could have had a big impact in the patient’s overall health. Like everything you should question and look into the whole picture.

An interesting conversation none the less. Let me know your thoughts or if you have seen this documentary before.


I watched the documentary on Netflix but here is a link to their website and film

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  1. I thought the documentary was interesting as well, but I think the science is still lacking in it. As a meat eater myself, I wondered if what I was doing was actually taking years off my life as was pointed out in Knives Over Forks. Many of the studies used in it were anecdotal and I always try to point out that correlation does not equal causation. Comparing a diet of many Americans that is high in calories and fat to a plant based diet will make the plant based look like a great option every time. I would be interested to see what it would look like with calories controlled on both diets or comparing a plant based diet to a simple omnivore diet. Great post though! I love to hear other people’s perspective on things like this.

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    1. Thanks for checking out my post and on your input of the documentary. Your suggestion on comparing calories on two different controlled diets would be interesting to learn from.

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