Inspirational Fitness Accounts

Favorite fitness Instagram accounts to follow. Motivating and inspiring woman.

*All pictures have come from individual’s  Instagram account. Click picture for link


photo-jan-06-3-47-51-pm photo-jan-06-3-48-15-pm

Amber was the first fitness account I followed and the one who really got me intrigued in body building. She is the owner and founder of ADO Fitness “An open minded diet philosophy that creates sustainability for the individual.” I love how honest and real she is about her life, fitness, and struggles. Plus, she just welcomed the cutest baby boy into the world and loves to post pictures of baby Easton. She preaches balance and self-love.



photo-jan-06-3-45-08-pm photo-jan-06-3-45-00-pm

Taylor is a joy to follow! She posts great workout videos especially for booty growth and HIIT. She is always expressing positivity and gratitude. And that you are in control of having a good day, “because why the f**k not”.  She is the one who inspired me to start a gratitude journal. She helped me get on board with tracking macros but also believes in balance when it comes to food. Be sure to follow her snapchat for “Taylor Rants” that are inspiring and great way to see a new perspective.



photo-jan-06-3-45-22-pm photo-jan-06-3-45-31-pm

Dana is a beast and my woman crush every day! She is Ms. Olympia and has an unbelievable drive for lifting. I look to her for workouts and even have her program books for training that I enjoy referring to. Her physique is close to what I aspire to be like. (I say close because everyone is different and should respect their own bodies and capabilities).

Be sure to follow these inspirational woman.


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