Pushing Myself Even Further

For some reason I love to push my body, challenge myself, and see how far I can go mentally and physically. In the moment I might feel miserable but when the task is all said and done I feel accomplished and proud of what I was able to endure.

photo-oct-07-4-33-41-pm           photo-oct-07-4-44-37-pm

I love to keep my body moving. Be it yoga, running, lifting weights, rucking, swimming, or a new activity- back packing. I will take up the challenge.

I decided to join my husband in his training as he prepares for the special operations pipeline. I’ll be right there next to him (maybe not as fast or quite as strong but still holding my own) to get faster, stronger, and mentally ready for the pentathlon at the end of this several month training regime. The pentathlon will consist of a 1500-meter surface swim, 6-mile run, max repetition body weight bench press, max repetition of pulls, and a 6-mile ruck at 45lbs.

Today I took the PAST (Physical Aptitude Stamina Test) which consisted of two 25 meter under waters (not breaking the surface for 25 meters), a 500-meter surface swim, thirty-minute rest, a 1.5 mile run, 10 min rest, pull-ups, sit ups, and pushups.

I have not done that much swimming continuously, in well, ever! I haven’t been in a pool since June (it is now October). I normally run for distance not time. With that all being said, I was a little skeptical as to how this test was going to go.

I am trying to do this all for time and number of repetitions complete. I was completely exhausted and drained at the end. But tiredness aside I was pretty damn proud of myself! The entry passing time for the PAST 500-meter swim is 11:42, I made it in 11:34. The 1.5 mile run passing time is 10:10. My goal to be able to work up to that time was to finish the run at 12:30, putting my mile time at about 8:20. I somehow managed to accomplish that after my swim.  I may not have met all the time/repetition requirements but this was a baseline test to see where I am so I know what I need to do to get to a passing score.

The test took 80 minutes too complete. What I learned from this experience, just the beginning of what these next few months will bring, is that I have to be able to handle these tests mentally. Can I complete a 1.5 mile run? Yes. Can I do pushups? Yes. Can I continue to push on to the next event after giving my all to the one before it? Yes. And I can do that because my mind has to know that I am capable of such tasks.

I may have a few choice words as I am pushing on feeling like I can’t go no further. I may feel tired and ready to be done. But your body won’t go where your mind won’t go. I had a few  calisthenic work to do after the test. The last and final movement was holding an elevated push up for 1 minute, (my feet were on a pole above me and my hands on the ground). I tried it four times only getting to thirty to forty seconds each time.

Why couldn’t I knock out those last few seconds? Because my mind was giving up. I felt my hands start shaking, my breathing became labored, my body hurt, my mind taking this all in as you’re done, no more. So my body responded and I kept dropping, just a few seconds to meeting the goal time. It was all in my head.

I am excited to continue repeating this test and watching my times and repetitions (hopefully) go up. And taking on the other workouts and tests throughout this training program.

Believe in yourself and what you are capable of to get the results you want to see.

Put your mind to something, crush it, and then go even further than you imagined.





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