My Yoga

I dabbled in yoga before. In high school (why does that feel so long ago?) my sister and I would go to the YMCA for a Saturday morning class. While in Virginia I've explored the world of YouTube for flows I can do at home. Even bought a couple of eBooks. One focusing on core... Continue Reading →

Hello November

Oh November. A new month is here. A fresh start if you will. Except my fresh start, started on the wrong foot. I barely got out of my pajamas to get done what I needed to. I got my first ever traffic ticket today. Some days you are not on top of the world, but doing... Continue Reading →

Being Social with Fitness

It's only Tuesday and I've already done two new things in my fitness routine. Last night (Monday night) I wanted to get some cardio in after maxing out my deadlift. Remembering our local running store does a 3 mile run around the city and ending at Whole Foods for some beer afterwards. We had just... Continue Reading →

Monday Night Yoga Class

Monday night yoga class Tonight we had more of a private lesson since it was just the husband and I. (This lovely Virginia rain and cold keeping everyone inside wrapped in cozy blankets, I can only assume). Laughs, falls, learning, and landings all took place tonight. We started with our normal flow but with it... Continue Reading →

Mindlessly to Mindful

How many of us mindlessly scroll through our phones to check the many different social media outlets to check in with friends, because we are bored or uncomfortable, or doing it out of habit? I have found myself on my phone just wasting away time instead of doing activities that really matter or trying to... Continue Reading →

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