Shoulder Day Workout

Another day in the gym. Another day where the time just flew by doing what I love. Empty gym. Headphones in. The world off. Shoulders is my favorite day to train. I try to vary my exercises week to week but there are some go-to ones I always incorporate. Like dumbbell shoulder press and cable... Continue Reading →

New Training Split: Legs Twice a Week

This week was the first week I implemented two leg days. I decided to add in another leg day to my training week because I have a dominant upper body and could use the extra training for my legs. It is normal for some weightlifters to to train a muscle group 2-3 times a week.... Continue Reading →

Back and Bicep workout

This week I have been varying my workouts by finding new exercises and incorporating them into my workout. Or doing exercises I normally do and modifying them. I also went for a high volume back down, which meant I didn't go as heavy as normal. My workout for back and biceps was as follows: lat... Continue Reading →

Back Workout and Staying Hydrated

Twenty minutes in and I am already dying! I decided to start and finish my workout with 20 minutes on the stair master...keep reading to see if I made it that far. I like to change up the intervals as I continue treading¬† up the stairs so my body doesn't get comfortable with the workout.... Continue Reading →

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