Snow Falls

    Here are a few photos of the first snow fall of the year! Came across this little guy that someone made. We made snow angels! Kiki even tolerated the snow this year. There are two types of people in the winter... I prefer to be warm, obviously. Hope you enjoyed the pictures from... Continue Reading →

Winter Wonderland

Snow fall January 7, 2017 We woke up Saturday morning to 6 inches of snow on the ground. And it continued all throughout the day, leaving 8 inches by night fall. Blinds stayed opened to watch as the snowflakes fell to Earth. I enjoyed the snow day wrapped in blankets, cup(s) of coffee in hand,... Continue Reading →

Christmas/Holiday Survey

Christmas survey Another blog I follow The Dancing Runner posted a Christmas Survey I thought it would be fun to continue. If you enjoyed it, share your thoughts and let’s keep it going. Does it snow on Christmas where you live? It does snow living in Virginia but the snowfall doesn’t normally start till after... Continue Reading →

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