Friday Favorites // 2.15.19

How was everyone's Valentine's Day? Or are you just looking forward to today where chocolate is 50% off? Whichever side you are, it is Friday so that is something to celebrate! Let's get to this week's favorites, shall we? What Men Want Had a girl's night where 7 of us went to go see What Men... Continue Reading →

Hello February

Oh, February. A start of a new month. A new chapter. A new season of life. Growing pains are hard. But I know everything leading up to this moment in life was put in my path to prepare me for this next season. And this part of life will be to prepare me for the... Continue Reading →

Having the ‘right’ image

Step into a gym and what do you see? You will see people of different backgrounds, of different ages, of different professions, with different physiques. Everyone has their own goals they are striving for. One person may be in the gym to lose a couple pounds. One person may be in the gym to try... Continue Reading →

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