Better Together, Four Year Anniversary

Anyone who knows me know the things that make my world go round are: Kiki (my mini dachshund), coffee, Florida, and my Hubs. Yes I am a romantic. And will make him watch The Notebook a hundred times while curled up on the couch together.(Shh he secretly loves Ryan Gosling but don't tell him I... Continue Reading →

Dealing with the Uncomfortable

What an emotional past several weeks it has been. It comes down to hubby being away for work. Having to get used to being alone. The first couple weeks were hard and don't get me wrong it's no walk in the park now but much easier to manage. I have never been alone. I grew... Continue Reading →

The way she looks at him

"I want that 'have you seen the way he looks at her 'kind of love"This has to be one of my favorite compliments. Guys would come up to Austin that we always see around in the gym and get that gym friendship with, and be like 'I want a girl that looks at me the... Continue Reading →

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