Do More of What You Love

It is important to find time to do the things you love to keep your days balanced of work and fun. Some of my favorites are: Going on a morning or evening walk with the hubby. It gives us time to unwind and talk about our day and future plans. Overall just getting up doing something... Continue Reading →

Tennessee: Mountians, Moonshine, & Music 

Tennessee: Mountains, Moonshine, & Music. I hopped on the plane and headed to Forida! I got picked up by my momma and then the next day we took a family vacation to Gatlinburg Tennessee! Our cabin we stayed in for a week was at the top of the mountain, with the best view!  Our cabin... Continue Reading →

Rainy Days

Today I had a meeting on campus. Everything started okay. I got out of work on time to make it the forty minute drive over to campus. I even had time to pick up a Starbucks coffee, because priorities. Traffic was moving smoothly. And then I get to campus. And it starts pouring. My meeting... Continue Reading →

Another mini getaway is in the books! I can get used to this. Last weekend we spent two days in Washington D.C. This time around it wasn't just me vacationing but hubby and another couple. We arrived during a good time because the cherry blossom festival was about to be in full swing after the... Continue Reading →

Right Now

Lately I have been stressed about the what ifs and uncertainties the future has to offer. But i have to let life run its course because it is all going to work always does. I found some quotes that help remind us to make the most out of our today's and not worry about... Continue Reading →

Mini Vacation

You don’t appreciate something until it’s gone. I always long for the Florida days again. Decided to take a mini vacation back home mostly to get a way for a little bit and just go see the family. It was just I that went, hubby had to stay behind due to work. Those few days... Continue Reading →

Shoulder Day Workout

Another day in the gym. Another day where the time just flew by doing what I love. Empty gym. Headphones in. The world off. Shoulders is my favorite day to train. I try to vary my exercises week to week but there are some go-to ones I always incorporate. Like dumbbell shoulder press and cable... Continue Reading →

Winter Night Thoughts

Winter is here! The lows are in the teens and we are expecting snow!... Don’t let my enthusiasm fool you, I despise the cold. My hands bleed no matter how much lotion I put on them and I am always cold no matter the season. But it also means for excessive blankets, lots of tea... Continue Reading →

“I love you more”

Tomorrow (December 20th) will my husband and I's two year anniversary. It's crazy to think we have been together for four years and married for two already. He is my happy. He is my home. Marriage. You get to see your partner when they are mad, frustrated, cranky, even hangry. But what is beautiful about... Continue Reading →

Mindlessly to Mindful

How many of us mindlessly scroll through our phones to check the many different social media outlets to check in with friends, because we are bored or uncomfortable, or doing it out of habit? I have found myself on my phone just wasting away time instead of doing activities that really matter or trying to... Continue Reading →

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