Don’t cry over spilt coffee

Don't cry over spilt coffee. Yesterday I had taken a sleep study which meant limited coffee and an early morning today. Which meant I was really looking forward to my morning cup of coffee. A quick breakfast and I was out the door. Hands full with the equipment I had to return for the sleep... Continue Reading →

National Coffee Day

For a lover and addict of coffee I am sad to admit I had no idea what today was when I woke. I had already set out my schedule to hit the gym, then to my favorite local coffee shop to get some much needed blogging time in. And what do you know it is... Continue Reading →

Rainy Days

Today I had a meeting on campus. Everything started okay. I got out of work on time to make it the forty minute drive over to campus. I even had time to pick up a Starbucks coffee, because priorities. Traffic was moving smoothly. And then I get to campus. And it starts pouring. My meeting... Continue Reading →

I am Thankful for…

Being the time of year for giving thanks here is an open letter for the people I am thankful for. To my Mom and Dad: I am forever thankful for their support through all I have done and continue to do. You showed me what is important to go after in life. You always make... Continue Reading →

A Heart Attack Waiting to Happen

We have all felt the effects of stress before. Maybe from having to meet a deadline, a job interview, cramming for a test, the list is endless. Everyone handles stress differently. There are positive and negative ways to deal with stress. When I get stressed I feel as if my blood is boiling underneath my... Continue Reading →

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