Friday Favorites // 9.14.18

This week was a little long and stressful. Had to prepare for the hurricane, fortunately it's going south of us but still worried for the east coast and hoping for everyone's safety. ... Get in my belly! These pineapple, ginger & brown sugar sausage links were so flavorful. Quick and easy dinner idea we paired... Continue Reading →

Coffee, Carbs, & Cardio

Coffee Carbs and Cardio… And by cardio I mean shopping Brunch has been the topic of discussion over the past few weeks. Meeting up with the girls talking about everything and nothing has been a joy. Getting out of my normal attire of sweats and a workout shirt has been a nice change of pace.... Continue Reading →

Food for Thought

As an athlete, a competitor, an amateur body builder what is the one detail that is stressed to be healthy and ready for such endeavors? Protein. Meal prepping chicken. Serving up a delicious piece of salmon. Or enjoying a bacon cheeseburger because “cheat meal”. I’m all about downing my protein shake right after my workout... Continue Reading →

A day in the life: food

What does your menu look like day to day? Do you have favorite go-to entrées and snacks? Here's is what a typical day of eating looks like for me. Based on your goals, if you are competing, etc. this may not work for you. I've already mentioned in a post about tracking macros and using... Continue Reading →

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