Back, Bicep, & Tricep Workout

This week's back and arm workout was a fun one! Grab your workout partner and give this one a try. Throwing in super sets and giant sets is a sure way to keep your heart rate up and the sweat dripping. Back, Bicep, and Tricep workout: Lat pull down 4x10 one arm assisted pull up... Continue Reading →

Back and Bicep workout

This week I have been varying my workouts by finding new exercises and incorporating them into my workout. Or doing exercises I normally do and modifying them. I also went for a high volume back down, which meant I didn't go as heavy as normal. My workout for back and biceps was as follows: lat... Continue Reading →

Bring in the New Year

A new year is waiting patiently to make its presence. What to expect in the new year? Am I ready for what 2017 has in store? Which friends will stay until the end of the year? Like I left off in my last post there is a lot left unsaid. ¬†For one, I have two... Continue Reading →

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