Don’t cry over spilt coffee

Don't cry over spilt coffee. Yesterday I had taken a sleep study which meant limited coffee and an early morning today. Which meant I was really looking forward to my morning cup of coffee. A quick breakfast and I was out the door. Hands full with the equipment I had to return for the sleep... Continue Reading →

National Coffee Day

For a lover and addict of coffee I am sad to admit I had no idea what today was when I woke. I had already set out my schedule to hit the gym, then to my favorite local coffee shop to get some much needed blogging time in. And what do you know it is... Continue Reading →

I am a Spartan

....or at least I was for a day. Last weekend the Husband and I drove a few hours to North Carolina so I can compete with friends in the Fayetteville Spartan Race. They were complete bad-asses and competed in the beast and the next day did the sprint. I only did the sprint; it being... Continue Reading →

Leg Day 

I did a workout that made it hard to sit, stand, or walk! Ahh, the sweet satisfaction of a good workout. However, I did make sure to roll out today before going into work to help with the soreness, lactic acid build up, and growth.  Here's the workout:  8x8 lunges 20lb db per hand  SS... Continue Reading →

The Mountains are Calling 

White oak Canyon & Old Rag back packing trip. Finally back in the mountains since last November. The trip started at 3 am when we left for the mountains. We made it to the trail head around 7:30 am but we ran into a problem. Our friend that was meeting us there and said he... Continue Reading →


This post is a few days late but I just celebrated my 21st birthday! With that I wanted to share 21 lessons learned through life thus far: 1. Sometimes things don't go as planned, so just go with the flow. 2. Change is okay. It helps you grow.  3. Be unapologetically yourself!  4. Don't worry... Continue Reading →

Hills and 85 degrees summer heat

Hills and 85 degrees summer heat.  Spent today going down to the beach, splashing in the waves, enjoying a nice ice cream cone, working on my tan... Ahh summer days... That's what I was imagining anyways on our run today in this summer heat. Hubby wanted to go get in a run with some hill... Continue Reading →

Patriotic Festival 

A goal for summer is to attend more concerts. So what better way to kick off the month of June then to attend a three day music festival!? The concert was right on the beach so we got to soak up some rays and enjoy warm summer nights.  Any country fans? The headliners for the... Continue Reading →

Update: 65 Miles for 65 Roses

May is over. That means the 65 Miles for 65 Roses challenge has come to an end. May is Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Month. This challenge was created to bring awareness by completing 65 Miles for 65 Roses (which I did a post here explaining about CF and the challenge.) Total miles - 94.5 miles When... Continue Reading →

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