Hello February

Oh, February.

A start of a new month. A new chapter. A new season of life.

Growing pains are hard. But I know everything leading up to this moment in life was put in my path to prepare me for this next season. And this part of life will be to prepare me for the next one. An endless cycle of lessons learned to new beginnings.

Life is about taking baby steps to get to the big moment. I have just reached the big moment. And I know in a year or two, today will look like baby steps yet again. But looking back on what I have overcome, I now know how much stronger I am; both mentally and physically.

I am embracing this month with open arms. I am going to take the time to practice self-care so I can manage the overwhelming feelings I know are going to come.

This month I plan to:

  • meditate
  • go to yoga 2-3 times a week
  • read 30 minutes a day
  • get a massage
  • take epsom salt baths
  • workout (my therapy)
  • the most important, journal.

Let me know if you plan to tag a long and practice some self-care too. What will you do?

2 thoughts on “Hello February

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  1. I’m in my second month of self care! I’ve been using Asana Rebel a minimum of 3 days per week, and even though it’s a little faster paced than traditional yoga, I can already sense the changes that I’ve been hoping for! I’m an avid journaler myself-so cathartic! Additionally, this month is all about educating myself on nutrition habits. Be well!


    1. Sounds like you’re crushing it! Great goals you’ve created. I completely agree, journaling brings me a great sense of calming. Thanks for sharing!


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