Friday Favorites // 1.25.19


photo jan 24, 1 31 00 pm

If you have been here awhile you may know I love my cup(s) of coffee throughout the day. When I am all cozy in bed in the morning with Kiki nestled close, the last thing I want to do is face the cold by unraveling out of the blankets. But one thing that makes it easier to start the day is knowing my coffee is waiting for me. I am normally your generic coffee drinker, Chock full o’Nuts has been my coffee of choice lately with a few splashes of French vanilla creamer, my go to creamer. BUT Em had to introduce me to her new find from Harris Teater, HT Traders French Vanilla. The perfect blend of French vanilla already infused into the coffee. I wish you could just smell the grounds as I open the bag and the aroma it fills the house as my coffee is brewing. This new blend may have me breaking my two cups a day limit. My motto: Life Happens Coffee Helps.

photo jan 17, 3 12 57 pm

We were enjoying 60-degree weather for quite some time. This Florida girl can handle that. But now Virginia has just caught up to the season. Having to leave the house in the morning to a car that feels like an ice box and the brisk beating of the winter cold just won’t due. I have accumulated a nice little collection of leg warmers that has been helping me stay warm in these 19-degree days. Although they do a great job at keeping you warm, they are great accessory to make your winter look, pop!

Photo Jan 24, 2 30 31 PM.jpg

I have just jumped on the succulent/ plant life train! I am hoping to keep these beauties alive and well. Just passing by them walking through the house puts a smile on my face. Do you have succulents? Drop some tips in the comments on how to keep these babies thriving!

What are some of your favorites from this week?

*All thoughts are my own. Products listed are bought with my own money.




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