Training on Vacation

Do you workout on vacation or use vacation as a break from working out?

As someone who has programmed for themselves and someone who has hired a coach to program for me, I have done both. There has been some vacations where I only get 1, maybe 2 workouts in. Then there is my most recent vacation where I trained everyday that I was programmed for. I made sure to fit in my workouts because I am excited about training, I enjoy the workouts, and I am checking in with my coach at the end of the day. How did I manage to workout so frequently while being away from my gym and being on vacation where there always seems to be so much going on?


1. Be Prepared: In my luggage I made sure to bring my workout clothes and workout shoes. I also made sure not to forget my lifting accessories, which included lifting belt, foam roller, resistance bands, and supplements. Being prepared made it easier to get the workout in because I had everything I needed. Having my workout clothes starring at me while picking out my outfit for the day was motivating enough!

2. Check out the area for gyms: Most of the time gyms do a week trial period, a drop in fee, or a day pass. Take advantage of these offers! It’s worth it knowing you are staying active

3. Workout in the morning: First thing we did was eat breakfast and then hit the gym. That way it was out of the way and we didn’t have to rush home to get to the gym before they closed or worry about fitting a workout in between plans. With a workout checked off your list, you’ll feel more awake and energized to continue on to the fun plans ahead!

4. Don’t over complicate it: Get in and get out; you are on vacation after all! You don’t have to spend hours in the gym. Put the hard work in, then go explore the sights!

5. Take your workout elsewhere: While in Raleigh we went rock climbing. While in Florida we walked the beach on our rest day; can’t beat the ocean views! There are many different ways to stay active on vacation. Go on a hike, rent a bike, walk from your hotel to go get breakfast, plus so much more. Find what works best for you!

How do you fit in your workouts on vacation?


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