Christmas Cheer and the New Year Pt. 2

Hubby and I got to ring in the new year in my favorite place… Florida. I promise y’all one of these days our vacations won’t end up in the same place. When that happens I’ll be sure to fill you all in!

However, we did get a little taste of Raleigh, North Carolina for two days. I think that counts! If you want to see what we did in Raleigh check it out here, in part one of our road trip.

photo dec 31, 4 56 43 pm

What does one do on a 13 hour road trip? That depends on whose driving. If I’m the one taking charge of the steering wheel I will be blasting my favorite playlists to keep me alert and energized throughout the drive. Yes, that means Hubby gets a free concert from a voice of an angel as we are driving down I-95. Just kidding I probably make his ears bleed but he doesn’t seem to mind. If Hubs is the one driving there will be one of two things on; his go-to is an audible book. His second is the comedy station on Pandora which normally has us roaring with laughter and gives us the energy we need to continue on.

Our first day in Florida we spent with Hubby’s Grandparents and Dad. We spent the afternoon by the water before coming back to enjoy a flavorful meal prepared by Dad. On the menu was steak, sweet potatoes, asparagus cooked with cheese and breadcrumbs, lobster tails, and sauteed veggies. With our bellies full we somehow managed to enjoy a handful of assorted cookies Grammy made. There was white chocolate chip, peanut butter, chocolate chip and peanut butter, and brownie bites with chocolate in the middle! Who can choose just one with options like that?!

With treats in hand we sat down with the family and watched Pacific Rim. We then called it a night because we had more driving to do the next day. Bags loaded again, we headed to surprise my mother-in-law and then my parents. Surprises are great because I love to watch the reactions on loved one’s faces.

With ‘hellos’ out of the way we spent the rest of the week soaking up some sun and shopping. We ended up by the water again, the best place to be when visiting home! Plus with temps back up north varying from 40-60ºF I was going to soak up every minute of blue skies and 85 degree weather!

Sister and I did some shopping while we were home. First we went to the outlet mall where I couldn’t pass up sales at Vera Bradley and Tillys. Hubby even got a new outfit. The next day took us a few hours away, to Orlando, to walk around Disney Springs. First order of business was stopping at Sister’s favorite bakery for cupcakes and coffee. My family has dairy and gluten allergies; thankfully this bakery has gluten free and vegan options.

After walking for a couple hours to shop and sight see we were ready to get back in the car and get some dinner. We stopped at one of the family’s favorites, Olive Garden. We chose to eat outside of the Disney Springs, Orlando area because of how pricey dining can be. Especially with it being the holiday season Mickey Mouse’s home was busy as usual and we didn’t want to have to wait too long to eat.

How did everyone else bring in the new year?

We decided to have a chill night with the t.v. set to New Year’s Rockin’ Eve and played poker with the family. I have never played before but Hubby showed me the ropes and I was good to go with my game face on. It was a fun way to pass the time and what do you know, Dad’s pretty good and showed us all up.

Hubby spent our last night at home in St. Pete rock climbing with some high school friends that we’ve stayed close with throughout the years. I stayed back to have dinner with my family and after that Sister and I got some more ink. I’ve been wanting a palm tree to represent home and Sister liked the idea too. So we put a little thought into it and I got one palm tree for being the first born twin and she got two palm trees for being the second born. Super excited how they turned out. They are healing nicely!

This trip was kind of a spur of the moment trip to spend time with one another and take a break from our day to day lives. I am glad this trip was more easy going than busy. Sometimes just being around loved ones and not trying to cram in so many activities on vacation is just the right recipe for a relaxing time.

I hope everyone had a great start to the New Year. Let’s make this year the best one yet!

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