Christmas Cheer and the New Year

Hello and goodbye First week of January!! I can’t believing I am even saying that. First week here and gone in a blink of an eye. What has everyone been up to? I have been super busy and nonstop but wanted to recap on my 2018 holidays and the end of last year and start to 2019! Let’s get right to it.

Christmas this year was one to remember. Woke up to the best present I could ask for, hubby being home. Had a fun morning waking up to presents under the tree and face timing the family in Florida so we could be there while they opened our gifts and vise versa. A tradition we’ve had since I moved away from home and I love that we are all still together on the holidays.

Hubbs and I may or may not have worked out after breakfast. Felt good to be moving and staying consistent especially with all the treats waiting for us. We had time before dinner and had a program to stick to! We had two dinners to go to. One on Christmas Day and one the day after. Both at each of my girlfriends’ house. Christmas day we had chili and Wednesday we had a roast that was to die for. Both good company and lots of laughs.

Wednesday, the 26th, was a busy day. After work we went over for our second Christmas dinner, then straight from dinner we started our road trip/vacation that would take us into the new year!

Our first stop was Raleigh, North Carolina. We have never been before but decided to meet up with an old time friend for a couple days before continuing on. We got in around midnight, the boys were catching up and all I wanted was sleep! We finally hit the hey and was ready for a fun day in the town. We went to breakfast at Manhattan Cafe, where they had great coffee. I got a breakfast burrito that had turkey, cheese, egg whites, and veggies stuffed in a spinach wrap. Being on a trip with two boys that love adventure, not sitting still, and anything that’ll get their hands dirty we ended up going rock climbing. A fun few hours trying to hang upside-down, try challenging routes, and just practice the sport of bouldering. We were all hungry after the activity so we headed to Chipotle and then stopped for another cup of coffee. This time stopping at New World Coffee. The guys, both not big on coffee, were completely fascinated by a cold brew maker. I need to broaden their horizons on all things coffee!

We ate at the Raleigh Times, a very interesting scene. There was three big dining rooms downstairs, an upstairs, and rooftop seating. With it being 40 degrees outside we chose to eat indoors. What made this place interesting was each room had its own genre of music playing. With old exposed brick this building is a piece of history with it being “the namesake paper’s historic former home” (Raleigh Times).

Photo Dec 28, 2 47 37 PM.jpg

The night didn’t end there. We walked around the town finding little hidden gems like a secrete bar, The Green Light. We walked into the main bar and found the bookshelf this place was behind. A cute little place that only had a handful of tables and a couple seats at the bar. We walked right in and grabbed the only empty table available. The waiter came over and took our order, and we relaxed while sipping on a beverage. The short while we were there we kept seeing groups of people walk in then leave. We were confused because at this point tables had opened up but no one was sitting at them. When we payed for the bill we asked if we did something wrong by just walking in and taking a seat….Well apparently you need reservations for this secrete bar. We were unaware and no one corrected us before taking our order. They weren’t too upset and didn’t seem to mind our confusion. After a few more stops we headed back to the hotel. We needed rest for a long day ahead.

We woke up, hit the gym, grabbed breakfast, and continued the 13 hours to our next destination.

To be continued.



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