Better Together, Four Year Anniversary

Anyone who knows me know the things that make my world go round are: Kiki (my mini dachshund), coffee, Florida, and my Hubs.

Yes I am a romantic. And will make him watch The Notebook a hundred times while curled up on the couch together.(Shh he secretly loves Ryan Gosling but don’t tell him I told ‘yall.) Will take excessive amounts of photos to be able to show you off. Will always reach for your hand to hold. Will say I love you more than once that day. Will call just to hear your voice. Yes I am that wife.

I love relationships and how two people can come together and share in this crazy thing we call life.


Which is where this post is eventually getting to… the point.

It is Hubs and I’s four year anniversary today. Four years of marriage, 6 years together, and a lifetime more.

We were just kids when we fell in love, high school sweethearts. I think being married and the situations we have been put in made us grow up quicker, love harder, and not take one another for granted.

We are by no means perfect. Still figuring out what works and what doesn’t. Constantly learning about one another. And never forgetting that a relationship takes work and effort. Just because you are married doesn’t mean you stop trying, but rather still dating your spouse and showing up for them.

Today I celebrate us. And cherish the days we’ve had together and are excited for the ones yet to come.




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