Life With a Powerlifting Coach

I have made it to week 5 of my new program which means yesterday I started a new training block.

I had a lot of fun with the first block but glad to change it up. For the first four weeks my workouts were the same, differing was an increase in reps as the weeks progressed. When I logged into my program I was surprised to see a whole new layout for the weeks to come. One thing I can say I am happy to see gone are dumbbell step ups. Ugh those are the death of me. Two days in and it looks like my new enemy is glute ham raises. OH MY GOSH! I knew I had such tight hamstrings to begin with, but with this exercise I can literally hear my hamstrings screaming at me. Here’s to getting better with this movement and trying to loosen up my hamstrings too. Lacrosse ball and foam roller will now be my best friend.

I truly enjoy working with a coach. Accountability is there. There is someone on the outside seeing your progress, so something you may not be noticing they will. They have knowledge that you may not have so you are continuously learning. If you are used to training a certain way then they can offer a new direction for your workouts.

When working with Hubs we focused on the three big lifts, squat, deadlift, and bench press and added in accessory work. With my power lifting program the focus is the same with the three lifts and accessory work added in but the accessory work is different because she has a different method. Floor presses, pull ups, and seated Arnold presses are some of my favorite new movements. (I did pull ups previously but not with so much volume).

My lifts are so much better than when I first started lifting 4+ years ago. By having to record my lifts daily to send to my coach for feedback I now know I have a bit more work to do. I am not mad because I always want to be evolving and progressing. From week one to week five I can already see a shift in form and technique that I wouldn’t have been able to make without a coach.

My check-ins are weekly. Touching base on stress level, how the workouts went for the week, and I included macro coaching from her as well, so checking in with my nutrition and how well I have been tracking are all part of my report to her. I also take measurements of my torso and track my weight weekly to send to her. I think it is important to check in physically (progress pictures, weight, and measurements) and emotionally (stress level) to keep track of progress and see where strengths and weaknesses are.

*Middle photo week 4/ week 1



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