Friday Favorites // 11.28.18

Yes, Friday Favorites are back!

What a busy week it has been with, work, workouts, yoga, coffee dates, and Christmas shopping!! Found some new flavors and Christmas decor I can’t wait to share. So let’s jump right in.

Photo Nov 13, 11 46 41 AMBeet Root latte
Yes you read that right. Em and I saw it on another patrons table while sitting at our favorite coffee shop. The bright pink was hard not to get your attention. So after already having a cup we had to see what this was all about. Going up to the barista asking about the pink drink, he said it was a beet root latte with no espresso but more of a tea. Not going to lie, I was skeptical if I even wanted to try it. But was so glad I did! It was a very subtle taste of the beet root, almost kind of sweet. Paired perfectly with the warm flavors of coffee.



Reindeer Ornaments
I passed these little reindeer ornaments while trying to find ornament hooks and could not pass them up. They made a great little addition to my tree.



52 Lists for Togetherness
While doing a little Christmas shopping at TJ Maxx came across this book. Showed it to Hubs just as a the things you’ll find and he was all about it! He thought we should get it for a rainy day date night idea. I couldn’t agree more so 8$ it went in our basket. Can’t wait to dive in!

Photo Nov 25, 9 21 33 PMNew Purse
While doing Christmas shopping I somehow managed to buy something for myself. Who can relate? There was just so many deals, and it was only one item. I found this adorable purse on Charming Charlie’s website for 25% off, thank you cyber Monday, and had to put it in my online shopping cart!



Fall Colors
As winter is fast approaching I’ve been taking in all the colors of fall before the tress become bare. Was taking the dogs out the other day and couldn’t get over the golden glow coming through the trees. Does the leaves change where you live?



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