Open Communication

I’ve been itching to right some posts on relationships. I am no expert but I place such a high value on any relationship I am in, spouse, friends, sister, that I wanted to share a few thoughts I have on the subject. Plus with December approaching I can’t help but think of love along with the Christmas festivities. You see December is an important month for Hubs and I; we started dating this month, we got engaged, and said our vows. None of this planned of course but that is how it happened. So as we are quickly approaching the last month of the year I thought I’d start this little series.

This post is going to be about checking in with your significant other.

I think it is healthy to check in with your partner on a regular basis. To see how you are feeling, expectations (especially for entering a new season of life), personal goals, relationship goals, and the relationship as a whole.

Hubs said something the other night while checking in “I want you to be here [in this marriage] not just because you love me but because you are happy.” We were talking about if what we are doing in life right now is making us happy still and if our new normal was giving us the same satisfaction.

*I do want to put a disclaimer that your happiness should not come from another person but within. But that doesn’t mean the person you are with shouldn’t be able to make you happy. you should want to find yourself with that goofy grin just because you are with them.

It takes two people to make a marriage, or any relationship for that matter, work. Neither one of you have to be perfect but as long as you both are making an effort and trying your hardest that’s all that matters.

Everyone requires a different amount of attention is a relationship. Knowing what the other needs is important, especially when Hubs goes out of town for work. I expect a certain amount of his time when he’s away. So we talk about what he is able to give and make it a priority in the time away. For instance if time is limited just a good morning/ goodnight text would mean a lot to me. But if he has a bit more time 10 minutes on the phone before bed would be nice. Knowing each other’s expectations beforehand will help in the long run; this goes for other topics besides communication.

Checking in with personal goals and goals for the relationship means you have an accountability partner. To help you stay motivated and to keep you going.

Whether it be weekly or monthly it’s good to see where you both are emotionally in the relationship. It helps with keeping an open communication with your partner.

Do you find it important to check in with your partner?

*Featured image from pixabay


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