Happy Thanksgiving week! I hope everyone celebrating had a wonderful day with friends and family and delicious food!

This year I am especially thankful because Hubbs was not going to be home for the holiday but at the last minute his plans changed and he was able to make it back in time for the festivities.

The week was busy with fighting the crowds at the grocery store to get all the things I’d needed to make my pumpkin bread, homemade stuffing and sweet potatoes. We did a friends-giving this year so we were all in charge of bringing a couple dishes. We had so much food, that we had to time everything out since it all wouldn’t fit in the oven at once.

The morning started early by getting to the gym. Luckily where I go it’s by access card so no one had to work on the holiday but we were still able to get in and get a workout done. We were not the only ones wanting to burn some calories before eating all the food! (Plus, I had a scheduled workout to do and didn’t want to get behind). So after having a good upper body session it was time to go home and start prepping the food. I enjoy cooking, especially for other people. So making a few dishes was no big deal to me.

After getting ready, loading the trays and pots of food in the car, as well as the dogs we headed out to my girlfriends house to finish cooking the food and help her with the rest of the dishes being made.

It was a thanksgiving to remember with tons of food, good company, babies crawling all around, and football on in the background. I wouldn’t have wanted to spend it any other way.

On top of being a fun day there was so much to be grateful for in the past year.

  • Great trips home and family roadtrips
  • Having a group of friends that we all practice yoga together
  • Good health
  • friends that turned into family
  • my power lifting coach whose been teaching me all the things
  • My little space on the internet where I get to connect with all of you
  • and so much more

You better believe my little Christmas tree is already up!

Photo Nov 24, 12 09 30 PM

How was your Thanksgiving? When do you put up your Christmas tree?

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