Podcasts you should be listening to

Whether you are in the car, lounging around the house, or my personal favorite, getting in cardio at the gym podcasts are always a good idea.

I use the app Podbean to listen to podcasts. But there are many different forums to do so.

If you are new to my little space on the internet or just don’t know yet, I am all about personal growth, fitness, wellness, nutrition, and relationships. So my interests in podcasts normally revolve around one or more of these topics.

Let’s see what I am listening to!

A Taylored Adventure to Happiness

This is the first podcast I ever listened to and downloaded on my phone.

In her episodes she opens up and tells stories and truths in order to show others they are not alone and how they can overcome, start, or be the person they want to be. She also interviews empowering woman who also want to help you raise your vibrations. Taylor’s messages are about “‘the importance of speaking your truth’ and how to ‘live intentionally so you can create the abundant life you deserve to live.’”

Rise. Together

I came across this podcast once I picked up one of the host’s books, Girl, Wash your face. After following Rachel Hollis on Instagram I found her and her husband, Dave Hollis, have a podcast together. In their podcasts they focus on relationships where you can get an insight view from both sides of a relationship. Their topics range from habits for a relationship, growing together, and even working out with your better half.

I personally love this podcast because there is nothing that I cherish more than my relationship with my husband. Getting these nuggets of information that I can then share with my husband are great conversation topics and tools that we can use if need be.


EMbody Radio

After following this gem on Instagram (are you seeing a pattern here?) I needed to learn more of the information she was sharing about everything health and fitness. Her “podcast is devoted to expanding scientific knowledge in the sport of bodybuilding as well as within the health and fitness industry as a whole,…” Her podcasts range from how different foods help you from the importance of fiber to helping with anxiety, raising your frequency, and common movement and muscular issues to name a few.


The Alpha Female Podcast with Robyn Baldwin

If the name alone doesn’t pull you in then let me tell you a little bit about this podcast. Robyn interviews alpha females to see what habits they chose to do, how they got to where they are, and what makes them an alpha female. She asks her guests to define what they believe an alpha female is. Although different alpha females may have some of the same characteristics hearing everyone’s own definition shows there is not just one way to be an alpha female. Her goal is to help her listeners become an alpha female themselves. Visit her podcasts to see who she interviews on a weekly basis and to see what information and stories you find!

What podcasts do you enjoy listening to?


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