Progress Report 10.25.18

I feel like I just did a progress report… and that is because I did. I didn’t wait my normal amount of time to max out because I am starting a new program. I really enjoyed my strength training program that I have been doing since July. But I figured it is time to up the game. I’ll still be strength training but instead I’ll be going over to power lifting and I got a coach.

Having Hubby help write my programs and be there in the gym with me was great and my favorite, but with his work and own training it’ll be a bit much right now for him to train me. Since I don’t know much about power lifting I hired a coach and will hopefully do a meet in the upcoming months!

Well that was a bit long of a back story for the purpose of this max out but I digress. Here are my numbers from the start of the program to this week:


165 lbs

220 lbs


105 lbs

125 lbs


155 lbs

185 lbs

One thing I am hoping to accomplish with working with a coach is to become more confident with the heavy weight. My squat did not improve by a lot because I am not confident with the weight and back out before I’ve reached proper depth.

However, overall I am pretty happy with how far I have gotten. And am excited to see where I can take this.

What are your upcoming goals? What is your current training regime or any changes coming up? Would love to know

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