I am Home

Another wedding brought us home. Thankful for all these special occasions in the past year that made us stop, spend time with special people in our lives, and enjoy the place that raised us.

Our trip started with getting in at 6 am. A whole night of driving, long talks, solo concerts, and audio books. There is a lot you can do in 12 hours with no where to move but the seat you are in.

We were only in our home town for three days then headed to the opposite coast for wedding festivities. We made sure to get as much in, in those 72 hours. Sleep was not the priority.

We got to see friends from high school. It felt like we haven’t left and the time gone was only in our imagination. Conversation picked back up. I got to hang out with hubby’s friends that I didn’t know to well in high school. Felt like we’ve been friends forever. We couldn’t be that close to the beach and not actually visit. So while out we got to listen to the peaceful waves crash up against the shore. Picturing the shore from our memories, since it was pretty late it was already dark out.

A late morning took us back to the beach for breakfast at Another Broken Egg. Where they basically only had seafood so I was a little disappointed. I know unpopular opinion here but I don’t eat seafood. So I got an egg scramble with spinach and cheese and a pancake. Also had the most delicious chocolate milk ever.

Later that night consisted of a big family dinner. Where mom spoiled me with my favorite, meatballs and baked ziti. Dessert did not disappoint either with a an espresso chip ice cream, Two of my favorite things. It was nice to see the family and be with my sister.

The next morning we raced to get in a workout. During this trip we dropped into a warehouse gym and a Crossfit box. Both very welcoming. After a nice little sweat session we met up with family for lunch. Always enjoy the family company!

Wednesday started the wedding festivities! Met up with the bride and groom and met his side of the family. Then headed to the mall to do a little shopping and to be close to the airport to pick up the bride’s family.

Thursday we went for our mani and pedi’s. Then loaded 11 people’s worth of suitcases in all the vehicles and started our 2 1/2 hour drive to Cocoa Beach. So beautiful over there.

We had so much to celebrate. It was one of our friend’s birthday who came down for the wedding. So a night of celebration for the birthday boy and celebrating the bride and groom for it being the last night of their old life. One of our family appropriate celebrations took us to the original Ron Jon Surf Shop, that is open 24 hours. Us girls could not end the night without a little shopping. Plus I am known to have a hoodie from every destination I visit so I had to add to my hoodie obsession/collection.

A very late night made for a very hard early morning. But there was a wedding to pamper for! We made it out of bed, got our makeup on and headed to the hair salon for up dos. Sarah Powell’s was a great choice. Knowing a bridal party was coming in they had crackers, cheese, cookies, and mimosas for us. We had to politely decline the mimosas after the night we had, no one wanted the alcohol. Coffee and water only! Unfortunately my obnoxious amount of hair took two hours, whereas the other girls took 30 minutes. Opps. So after waiting on me we went back to the condos to get dressed!

Ugh the bride looked absolutely beautiful!

Who is familiar with Florida weather?

Yep, you guessed it a typical Florida shower happened to bless us with it’s presence at the time the bride was supposed to walk down the beach to her groom. The bride did not let this ruin her special day except for embrace the rain and walk down the aisle regardless. Let me just tell you all that this was not a little sprinkle but a down pour. So much so we couldn’t even see walking down the aisle with the rain coming right into our eyes. But watching the bride and groom you could see the rain didn’t even have an effect on them. It was just the two of them at the altar, sharing their vows, waiting to become one.

After taking some bridal party and family photos in the rain we headed back to the condo to change into dry clothes and head over to the reception. Toast were made, tacos were eaten (the bride’s favorite food), and the cake was cut. We closed the clubhouse down, where the reception was held at our condos, and had to head back to our rooms. Where more fun was about to go down, well for the boys. The other bridesmaid and myself had an early start to make the drive back home and the bride had to repack for their family cruise the next morning.

All in all a great vacation. A beautiful wedding. And more memories made.

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