Friday Favorites // 10.12.18

Happy Friday! Am I glad the week is over, because two more shifts until I’m headed to my favorite place, Florida! Ended up with an unexpected day off, due to losing power at work. Seems like a few power outages and down trees but otherwise my area seems to be ok from Hurricane Michael. People who did get affected are in my thoughts.

Let’s jump right into this week’s favorites.

I got sucked back in! I may have skipped season 2 of This Is Us, but I was scrolling and seen it on Hulu and started this new season. Let’s bring on the tissues!

While we are on the topic of relaxing with the tv on hubbs and I have been visiting Redbox more and more with being on a movie kick. My favorite that we have rented so far is Game Night. Who doesn’t love Rachel McAdams?? This movie had us laughing.

Was at REI browsing around and spotted this hat. After circling back to it a second time I had to have it.

Summer may be over but we still need our sunglasses. How cute is the sunglasses holder I found off of Pinterest!?!

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