Being Social with Fitness

It’s only Tuesday and I’ve already done two new things in my fitness routine.

Last night (Monday night) I wanted to get some cardio in after maxing out my deadlift. Remembering our local running store does a 3 mile run around the city and ending at Whole Foods for some beer afterwards. We had just enough to time to grab our running shoes and head out.

Although I have visited the store quite a few times beforehand I never participated in their runs. I was too nervous since I’m not a runner, but dabble in different athleticism’s (strength training, body building, swimming, running).

To my surprise it was a very friendly and welcoming event. What a great group to run with. People of all ages, youngest around 7 keeping her own crushing the run. There was Mom and Dads running with strollers. Their was dogs running with their humans. Anyone and everyone was out there.

We all took off at once, went 1.5 miles and then turned back around; Whole Foods happens to be in the same shopping center as the running store. Although we skipped out on the beer we did get our grocery shopping done for the week.

Kept up with the hubbs roughly for the first mile (8:08 pace) then the last two kept him in my sights as I slowed down, still finishing in 26 minutes.

Glad I finally decided to join in on the fun. Maybe now I’ll choose running more often as my cardio.

Tonight we tried out a new yoga studio. This isn’t my first time doing yoga but a new place none the less.

I did yoga with my sister on the weekends at the YMCA when we were in high school. When we first moved here hubbs and I did yoga at our apartment complex where they held a class once a week. Always enjoyed the practice.

Tonight we did restorative yoga where you hold poses longer to stretch deeper. Smaller class but very beneficial. Can’t wait to try out other classes they offer like trapeze yoga and hot yoga!

Even got a new mat that’s reversible to bring to yoga!

How do you change up your fitness or get social while working out??

2 thoughts on “Being Social with Fitness

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  1. Appreciate your drive for fitness. Investment in health is best one. I try to catch up on fitness by doing long runs with friends. Instead of meeting at cafe or bar , we meet in morning on the road . Chat while running.


    1. That’s a great way to get active and see your friends. I find running with others can be helpful to stay motivated and make runs more enjoyable. Thanks for sharing!


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