Friday Favorites // 9.28.18

This week we had a taste of all the weather, hot days, cool days (hello fall!), rainy days, and my favorite sunny days. This week was all over the place but had a productive week none the less!

Let’s jump right into this week’s favorites!

*pictures from Bri Bella Boutique

Almost time to ditch the crop tops and bring out all the sweaters. I came across two cute off the shoulder sweaters from Bria Bella Boutique on instagram and had to have them! Waiting for some cooler weather to be cozy in these and they are so soft!

Somehow on rainy days I always end up at a bookstore. Been seeing so many people on social media rave about Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis so had to snag a copy for myself. Have you read it? Excited to start these.

* photo from Tapestry Aesthetic

Ordered a tapestry from Tapestry Aesthetic and can not wait for it to come in the mail. It’ll be a cute addition to our room.

*photo from @greysabc

Who else was excited for all the premieres this week? Yes, that’s right I am a Grey’s Anatomy fan, who else??? Had a girls night as we all watched the new episode on Thursday.

What were some of your favorites from your week?

*all products are my personal pickings. No sponsors or affiliations to any of the items listed.

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  1. I just bought that Girl Wash Your Face book, can’t wait to read it!! Finishing up the one I’m on now this week then on to the that one. Also, totally been on a Rupi Kaur binge (just listened to a podcast that featured her). Happy Friday!!

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