Friday Favorites // 9.21.18

We made it through another week! Even though Friday does not mean the start to my weekend I still enjoy the day none the less. Hopefully everyone had an exciting and productive week. Let’s not wait any longer for this week’s favorites!

Let’s just say this week was about spoiling myself. Which I must say we should all do once in a while.

I treated myself to a bouquet of white roses my favorite! An involuntary smile comes to my lips as I pass by or walk in the door for they are the first thing I see.

Who am I? Keeping my nails manicured for this long. This week I chose my favorite color. A little bold but that’s ok.


Knee high socks..and this outfit. Couldn’t wait for cooler weather to bring out my fall wardrobe so made it work with a pair of high wasted shorts and a comfy cardigan that wasn’t too heavy for this heat.

A glass of wine or two. I am not much of an alcoholic beverage person, give me all the coffee and hot tea, but went out of town and let myself enjoy a glass. Do you prefer white or red wine?

Yum! Enjoyed this pumpkin pancake which was perfection. Can’t wait for all the fall treats! Take yourself out to breakfast or dinner. It is good to have some time to yourself.

While walking around the city we came across this street and I just loved the name, Strawberry Street.

What was on your list of favorites this week?

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