Deficit compound movements

“You will never know your limits unless you push yourself to them” ~unknown

We are in this for the long haul!

Continuing my program put together by hubby and me (but mostly him). In the beginning we added some movements that I’ve never done before, deficit movements. And they were challenging!

For my bench, squat, and deadlift for that week we worked on deficit training. The objective is to start each movement at the bottom of the rep.

By incorporating deficit movements you are increasing the ability for the muscle to contract when it’s in a lengthened state (bottom of squat/ bench press). When switching up your lifts when adding this technique you are also improving your range of motion. This helps with flexibility, strength, and stability.

The reason we are adding these movements is because I tend to stick at the bottom of a movement. This will help with exploding out of the hole.

With each rep you want to reset before continuing onto the next rep.


So for bench you set up the rack with the bar resting just above your body so the first movement is to push the bar up instead of bringing the bar down and then exploding up. Honestly, I did not have any trouble with this movement and enjoyed the switch up.

Starting position:



Now for squats… This one had me all kinds of frustrated at the beginning. But by the time I was done I felt a sense of accomplishment. When setting up for this lift, you want to have the barbell resting pretty low on the squat rack. That way when you start the movement you are already at the bottom of the squat. Knowing how low to place the barbell just takes trial and error, because you want to make sure as soon as you unrack the bar you don’t have to squat any lower before exploding up.

Starting position:


I have deadlifted where the weight is resting on 45’s but not where I was standing on 45’s. By being above the bar you are creating a deficit. The range of motion was for sure different, and I kept it at a manageable weight to not jeopardize form.

Have you tried any deficit movements? How do you change up your lifting routine?


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