Soaking up Summer

I have had quite the eventful summer. Visiting NY for my cousins wedding and road tripping straight to TN. Turning 22 with my sista! Getting in all the much need beach hangs.

But my favorite so far is a spontaneous trip to NC with my hubby and best friends. One of my coworkers/ friend’s family gets a beach house to enjoy the week before Labor Day every year. My good friend/ other coworker normally goes down for a couple days. This year I was invited to come down and spend the night.

So the day before we are to leave when I get off I bring it up to hubby to see if he’s up to going! He jumped on the idea and there was no and ifs or buts about it. Which is a good think bc I always over think it: whose going to watch the dogs? Is it worth the mini road trip? Etc.

Once I got off work we were not able to leave on schedule because hubby still had a couple odds and ends to finish at work. But that’s ok because there are no bed times at a beach house, am I right? So we rolled in around 8:30 and immediately jumped in the hot tub with everyone.

Everyone started crashing. Long hot summer day. The other guests made it back to their rooms all 11 rooms there were. We were in no rush. Tried our luck at shuffleboard. May have gotten a little too competitive at 12 am.

Then headed into the theater room to watch a cheesy chick flick.

Me and my girlfriend woke up before the guys to sip some coffee on the balcony and look at the water. I could never get tired of that view.

The guys made their way slowly to us. Once everyone was ready we grabbed some breakfast at a cute little place, where they had not your average French toast. But thick battered bread deep fried and topped with whipped cream. We couldn’t say no to that.

Went down to the beach once our bellies were full. Played in the water. Got to play some frisbee with the hubs which brought back memories. My junior year and his senior year of high school we would all get together after school and play ultimate frisbee until it got too dark to see the disc. Surprisingly we still had it in us!

The sun was beating down on us so we decided to go back to the beach house for the last hour or so we’d be there to cool off in the pool and the hammocks which were also my favorite.

A perfect mini gateway for the hubbs and I. I’m so glad we decided to just go for it and unwind and relax for a little bit.

What’s your favorite memory from summer so far?

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